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EricapicnewAwaken your Inner Guru with Erica Rock Creator of Grace Blessings Spiritual retreats and Author of the Best selling book, The TRUE You

The TRUE You an Awakening and Enlightenment Manual




Get on the Grace Blessings journey with me and you can look forward to the END of seeking, suffering and START LIVING your life, that is what life is for, not “healing” your issues forever!  Become Inner Guided.  Lead a life of purpose with PASSION.  Grace can and will give you ALL of this and MORE.  Join me and thousands of others from all over the World who are off the hamster wheel of constantly fixing, healing and clearing issues.  We WOKE UP and in the NEW Consciousness we find ourselves in with the help of Grace, the old hurts, issues, problems are simply not there.

Join here for a FREE self paced online course infused with Divine Grace to Initiate or deepen your Spiritual Enlightenment.  The energy literally WAKES YOU UP and radically opens and expands consciousness.  Get started now, you found me for a reason, it is because YOU ARE READY FOR YOUR BIGGEST LIFE POSSIBLE!

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My name is Erica Rock, YES that is really my last name! From the years of my quest for enlightenment, awakening, practical life fulfillment and the end of seeking and suffering it lead me to opening to Divine Grace, profound inner stillness, inner peace and gaining the ability to transmit Grace and this mental stillness to others.  The BEST part is, this gift can be passed on in the form of an Initiation, one light igniting the flame of another to become Grace Blessing Practitioners.

I have never seen such radical transformation in my own life and the lives of others after I opened and received this energy and have assisted others in doing so.

Do you have feelings of powerlessness, overwhelm, disconnection, dissatisfaction, or a sense that something is missing?  When the ordinary and mundane no longer satisfy, your Soul is calling you to discover the True you, your authentic self and get in the flow of life and Grace.

Life is meant to be easy for you and abundant in all ways

If a life of ease and flow sound too good to be true and you have yet to experience that, I have a treat for you.  Ease, flow, enlightenment, abundance, perfect health, harmonious relationships, unlimited creativity, a loving heart, expanded awareness, increased finances are ALL your birthright!

The Creator is always emanating Light, Life, Grace, Love, Wisdom, Power and Great Blessings upon all of us.  If you are desiring to open to the Blessings that are trying to come to you in each and every moment, that is what Grace Blessing transmissions do, they open you up to receive, receive, receive- in each and every area of your life!

whether you are wanting to resolve relationship issues,
improve finances or health

spark your enlightenment or go deeper into your spiritual journey because boy oh boy does this energy accelerate your pace!

find inner peace, stillness and calm
more love and joy
focus or
harness your unlimited creative potential

you can…

Live a life of purpose on purpose with conscious deliberate creation with the greatest EASE you’ve ever known.  Grace does 90% of this for you.  We teach you how to stay in the flow and master the Art of Allowing.  The art of allowing is your 10% to a life of joy and unlimited bliss.

Erica offers: in person and phone sessions, Spiritual retreats, 3 day Silent Grace Blessing retreats that you can come to enjoy just for you or be initiated as a Grace Blessing giver, Intuitive readings, Nutritional Consulting with a passion for weight loss, Women’s Empowerment retreats, Reiki classes, Animal Healing and Communication, detox retreats, Reconnective Healing and the reconnection, DNA activation and more.

I hope you take a few moments to peruse this site and see all of the wonderful offerings and products that are available to accelerate your spiritual journey and awaken you to who you truly are!

Where to start? 

The book, The TRUE You http://shop.ericarock.com/the-true-you/

“The TRUE You” initiates or deepens your Enlightenment and Awakening process.  Once this process is started you have to learn what to do with all this new power, creativity, wisdom and synchronicity you will have in your life.

Additional Products and Resources Created to make this process as graceful and easy as possible!!

Infinite Blessings Book Cover

This is Erica’s FIRST book, c Infinite Blessings.  The beautiful artwork has been infused with Grace and is a perfect daily meditation book or to be used to life your spirits.  The book uses powerful “I AM” statements so not only does the energy in the   book initiate Enlightenment, the “I AM” statements get Law Of Attraction working for you.  Infinite Blessings Book

Infuse your bedroom, home or office with Grace and transform any environment into one full of peace and tranquility while also catalyzing your Awakening process.  This music is perfect for meditation, yoga, energy work, massage, even dinner time.  I have Dr’s, teachers, therapists and all kinds of professionals who play this music in their home and at work to raise the vibration of the environment.  Infinite Blessings Music

Mastery of Mind and Emotions CDMastery of Mind and Emotions is a simple process that has the immense assistance of Grace which will do most of the “work” for you.  If you are stuffing feelings down, resisting them or are even darn frightened of them this is an essential program.  Resisting ALL feelings is the #1 cause of people hitting a wall on their spiritual journey and they cannot fly higher.  With this program you learn to be FREE WITH EVERYTHING, not free of anything.  Learn to appreciate and accept ALL of your feelings as the valuable messengers they are.  Mastery of Mind and Emotions

Instant Uplift can lift good feelings higher or if your vibration/mood has dipped it will assist to bring you back up.  Many people listen to this program at the start or end of their day as a part of their daily meditation/contemplation practice to set their intention for the day, experience has shown that when we set the energy for the day it runs smoother, there is a flow and synchronicity to life.  http://shop.ericarock.com/instant-uplift/

Every major religion speaks about Forgiveness and the power of peacemaking.  All forgiveness is self forgiveness.  Forgiveness is quite misunderstood, it is not saying that what happened is okay, what forgiveness IS saying is that, “I LOVE MYSELF enough to let this go and free myself”.  Set your relationships right. This program opens your heart to LOVE.  TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT happens through the heart.  This is a most important program.  “Flying on the Wings of Love” http://shop.ericarock.com/flying-on-the-wings-of-love/

IAMDo you love Guided Meditations?  This one really expands and opens you up!  This meditation is FULL of Divine Grace to Initiate or deepen your Enlightenment and reach Unity Consciousness! Ignite the living Divine Spark within, then expand it out to encompass the ALL, then bring the ALL and Divine Light back within yourself.  http://shop.ericarock.com/i-am-unity-consciousness-breathing-meditation/.

PresencegraphicPlagued with constant mind chatter and negative thoughts?  This program is a DEEP meditation experience that will bring you into alpha and theta brain wave states in minutes.  The Zone Method is a revolutionary approach to silencing the mind, finding deep inner peace and stillness unlike anything you have probably experienced to date.  This is NEW work that is on the leading edge of consciousness and is what Eckhart Tolle speaks about is his nest selling book, the Power of Now.  This enlightened state of being is now easily accessible to all.  http://ericarock.com/presence-sessions/


I look forward to working with you~

Love and Infinite Blessings

Erica Rock


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